Sack Capital Partners is committed to sustainable business practices and the wellness of our employees, residents, and communities. We seek to minimize the impact we have on the environment, provide healthy and efficient homes and workplaces, mitigate the risks associated with climate change, and promote environmental awareness among our residents, employees, and investors. Our goal is to make our communities healthier and more vibrant places to live and work.

The essence of who we are is created from the diverse make-up of each of our team members and the unique capabilities and experiences that each person brings. Every perspective, every voice, every individual’s experience combines to create a harmonious, safe workplace to share ideas, collaborate, and be heard. As we continue to innovate and grow, we believe that it’s imperative to create an intentionally diverse workforce and that all team members are reflected in the future vision of our company.

Balance, Evolution, Sustainability, Teamwork, and Integrity are the fabric of our culture and hallmarks of the Sack Capital Partners creed. To be successful, at Sack Capital Partners it is paramount that we hear, see and value all our employees and encourage collaboration at every operational level. Afterall, if you “Love where you work,” you’ll enjoy every single day of your journey.

I believe the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others achieve.

Shohreh Vargas | Regional Manager | Sack Capital Partners

Vision & Values

Sack Capital Partners’ vision is to be the Best Western U.S. Multifamily Real Estate Owner Operator. 

Adding value to our team members (offering employment opportunities to achieve personal growth, accomplishment, and financial success in a safe and respectful environment).

Adding value to the residents at our properties (providing excellent housing value in well maintained facilities with professional, friendly, and respectful service).

Adding value to our local communities (enhancing quality of life and sustainability through responsible environmental, social, governance, and philanthropic practices).

Adding value to our investors (delivering superior absolute returns, being transparent in our actions, and providing partners with timely and accurate reporting).